Fighting food loss and waste globally

Around 1/3 of all food produced globally is lost or wasted every year – this is happening throughout the entire food supply chain and all over the world. Global food loss and waste is a far-reaching problem with tremendous financial, ethical and environmental costs. The problem of food loss and waste transcends national boundaries and cannot be resolved by one country acting alone.

The think tank ONE\THIRD wants to contribute to the global effort to reduce and prevent food loss and waste through international knowledge sharing and capacity building - the main focus being countries that have not yet made progress within the area.


Here are some things we do


Capacity building with a focus on Cold Chain technology

ONE\THIRD is working to bring together partners for a P4G application for a project in focusing on preparing a market for cold chain solutions in Kenya. DI (Kenya-Nordic Green Hub in Kenya), Danfoss, DanChurchAid and Quercus Group are involved.

Implementation of voluntary agreements in the food sector in emerging markets

The think tank is a knowledge sharing partner in the P4G project "Flawless". An international partnership project led by the English organization WRAP with the purpose of establishing voluntary agreements in Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa.

Sharing solutions and know-how

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the request of the think tank's international working group, the think tank has commissioned market studies in China, Kenya, Nigeria and Brazil. The country studies will be gathered in one report, highlighting concrete recommendations for partnership projects and sources of funding. The report is expected to be published 2021.


The think tank ONE\THIRD is an active knowledge sharer and will throughout the year be participating in the international conversations through several different international platforms and gatherings including Pace, the Chinese platform Ressource Efficiency and Food Loss and Waste, UNs Food System Summit and World Food Summit 

For more inspiration read our International strategy and don’t forget to check out our international panel of experts that provides us with access to a diverse network of valuable knowledge.

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